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    I’m wondering if anyone else is running into this issue.

    Our district recently added a policy that for teams that go to “State” competitions, each student must pay the school $25 to participate in State. So, for example, a swimmer who qualifies for State would pay $25 to help off-set the costs of meals, motels, entry fee, etc. All-State Music pretty clearly falls under this policy.

    However, we have been told that each student who is going to State Marching must pay the fee. I have several arguments against this, including:
    1. We would be paying in almost double what it costs to take students to State Marching. ($12 per student for a meal, and $100 entry fee)
    2. It is a required part of a curricular class.
    3. It is not the equivalent of a State athletic event, where travel to multiple events and have to qualify for State. It is our ONLY event. It is also not a competition, it is Festival.



    We do not have this requirement at Rock Springs HS. For us, typically the students pay for their own meals on trips with the exception of state events. The school picks up all entry fees (they come out of my dues and fees budget)


    It is a State event. The district should support those students. Not have them pay to play! Does your school board know about this?


    I think there are some major differences here. This is a class, not an extra-curricular activity. When students sign on for a competitive sport, not every student attends because they must qualify in order to attend. In marching band, all members will participate. Where a state level athletic event is selective, the marching band event is all-inclusive with no winners or losers (festival format). If the students were to pay for their meals at state marching band, and the band pays their registration… there is no other cost to that trip. The travel is reimbursed by the state, so it costs the school nothing. It is also interesting to note that I do not believe that any athletic team pays to participate in a state event. There is no “registration fee” for teams that attend state or regional basketball. Music however, has a cost each time we gather at clinic, festival, and state marching band. It seems like you are getting hit twice here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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