The WMEA Listserv provides a free and open line of communication, via email, for WMEA members and others who support the mission and focus of WMEA. Listserv members interact and exchange information, knowledge, and advice among people whose connection is the music education community of Wyoming.

To ensure the best possible experience, participants are asked to adhere to the guidelines for the WMEA Listserv. Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the guidelines. If you have questions, contact the Listserv administrator.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Don’t challenge or attack others – the discussion is meant to stimulate conversation not create contention.
  • Don’t post commercial messages – no products, services or sales.
  • Remember that information on the Listserv is seen by all – comments are subject to libel, slander, and anti-trust laws.
  • All defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive or threatening materials are strictly prohibited.

User Etiquette:

  • Include a signature on all messages.
  • Be sure the subject line accurately reflects the topic you are addressing.
  • When responding, include enough of the original text to make clear the thread of conversation. But only include relevant information, not everyone’s comments.
  • Only send messages to the list that can benefit all or a large portion of the subscribers. Personal conversations should be sent to the individual.
  • To be clear: DO NOT use reply all, when you are responding to an individual!
  • Warn subscribers of lengthy messages by including “long message” in the subject line.
  • This is a Listserv not an online forum. The burden is on you to be sensitive to the material you post.


In order to preserve a climate that encourages clivil and fruitful dialogue, WMEA reserves the right to suspend or terminate participation for members who do not abide by the rules and guidelines.


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