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    I’m considering working on my National Board Certification, and am wondering how many of our state music teachers (all areas, not just elementary) have tackled this, and any thoughts or insights you may be able to offer. Do we have anyone who has worked through any of the parts under the new format? Any information would be helpful.

    Thank you,
    Susan Masson
    Gannett Peak Elementary, Lander


    Hi Susan!

    An elementary music teacher in our district is board certified. I will encourage her to comment and answer your questions!


    I am a National Board Certified teacher and I am also a mentor. I did not work through the new format, but I have received feedback that it is less stressful than it used to be. That being said, it is still a lot of work. It was absolutely the best thing I have ever done to improve my teaching practice. Have you been online to check out the information?
    Cindy Schmid


    For those of you who have been through (or are going through/waiting for scores) the NBCT process in either area of music, do you have any recommendations for resource materials that you found useful? For example, there are flashcards available to help prepare for the Assessment Center (Component 1 – might have been called something different in the old process). Also include general materials that are not specific to music.

    Thank you,


    I took an oath not to share questions. However, I can tell you that I found that some of the sample questions on the National Board website were close to, but not exactly the same as what was on the test. That being said, there is no guarantee that National Board will use something close to the sample in the actual test. The topics listed were definitely helpful. National Board usually has a list of websites where you can find helpful information on the test.


    I am a current candidate for NBC. I am working on Component 2. My concern is that I am unable to make some of the workshops and I don’t know anyone who is certified in secondary music. Any suggestions?


    Hey John, I signed up too! Have you checked out your district’s policies on NBC? My district has a policy that gives NBC candidates two extra professional development/personal days in order to attend the work sessions or–if you decide to not attend the work sessions–have some extra time to work on the components. Maybe your district has a similar policy? I also looked up the directory on the NBC website for people certified in secondary music in Wyoming, and it was super easy to conduct a search and find those people that could be helpful in your area. Here’s the link: Hope this helps!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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