WJE Announces All-State Jazz Auditions

Below you will find instructions and a dropbox link to the files, and tracks for the 2017 all state jazz band and choir auditions.  These will also be posted on our website (www.wyojazz.org) as soon as we can.  Currently GoDaddy is giving us some trouble, but in the mean time here is the audition material.  Please share this with those that may not be on the listserv.


You must be a current member of Wyoming Jazz Educators for your students to audition.  Auditions are open now and will close on Friday, December 9th.  Below is our bandworld link to auditions.  Please be sure to select the correct instrument or voice when registering.  Confusion often occurs when selecting alto saxophone and alto voice, tenor saxophone and tenor voice, as well as bass and bass voice.  Please just double check before you submit, it will save a lot of extra work later.


Dropbox link for audition docs: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w92o37rndryhaco/AACO919RFzEpH96DbBt-2Nlaa?dl=0


Band world registration link: https://www.Bandworld.org/Audition.aspx?eID=150


For questions contact the following people:


Leesa Kuhlmann (kuhlmanns@wyoming.com) – Membership and Dues

Steve Schofield (sschofield@ccsd.k12.wy.us) – Website or uploading concerns

Jason Bennett (jbennett@jcsd1.us) – All instrumental related questions

Janet Weisbrook (WeisbrookJ@laramie1.org) – All vocal related questions

Wade French (wadefrench@park6.org) – Concerns of any kind