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Thank you all for the discussion so far – I appreciate your thoughts and feedback on this issue.

Just to clarify my reasoning for this discussion – when I brought this issue to the board, there was a substantial amount of questioning that I could not answer as I was not at the meeting in January (I was working with the band at that time). Rather than put the matter to a vote when I couldn’t fully answer the questions of the board members, I decided to gather more information from the band directors of the state.

Please understand that I did not choose to delay out of a desire to micromanage or second-guess the discussion that already happened, but rather to be sure that I had the complete and accurate information from the band directors in the state prior to moving forward so that I can be confident recommending any change to the board. As you can see, this is a complicated issue and I want to be sure that we are moving wisely through this process.

Thank you again!