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I think we are getting off topic. We are starting to hash out something that is already board policy and isn’t really the topic at hand. We need input on the scale change proposal, not process of policy change. Anyone that wants to have their voice heard is weakening the discussion by pushing on this… scales drawn… yes or no.

The WMEA hears proposals and votes to make policy changes… no other entity (band directors, ACDA, ASTA, WJE) votes to make policy changes, they have discussions and make proposals. Like it or leave it… that is the way it is. Any belief that the band directors had a meeting is misplaced… they took part in a roundtable discussion. Point in fact, we are only allowed to have a set amount of meeting times at the conference in order to qualify for PTSB Recertification Credit, and the band roundtable was not included in that list of meeting times.

As a board, we do not rubber stamp anything. Doing so can be dangerous. If ACDA were to meet and sweep in and make a proposal to add a 2nd All-State Choir, say a treble choir… we would not simply pass that on because ACDA said so. That is why we have a board with clear policy to oversee operation of the association. Some have called it micro-managing, I call it over-sight… either way it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks they are entitled to… this is how this goes down.

At the end of the day, I think someone would like to make a proposal and is trying to take input. I would like to take that proposal to the board. If I understand correctly, the band directors met, discussed, and would like to see this happen. However, as board president I do not want to make decisions in a vacuum and the board felt that we needed more input to make a proposal. More discussion on issues like this can only be viewed as a good thing, not a bad thing. Getting this topic out in the open is important… unless we have something to hide… which we don’t, so lets hear it people… what do you think about the proposal. There is still time to have discussion, make a proposal, get a vote, and make a change before we roll out all state auditions.