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At Riverton:
1st period: I teach 6th brass and Aric teaches 6th percussion
2nd period: I teach 7th brass and Aric teaches 7th percussion
3rd period: I teach 8th winds and Aric teaches 8th percussion
4th period: I teach 6th woodwinds
5th: Lunch
6th period: I teach 7th woodwinds.

Pros: Having percussion in their own class is fantastic. There’s hardly any seeing how they can stack chairs, lighting things on fire, etc. Splitting up ww/brass in 6th/7th allows more to focus on issues specific to those instruments without the other having to sit for extended periods of time. If I want to take half the class and do mouthpiece buzzing, I can!

Cons: in 6th/7th we only get the dress rehearsal to have the entire band play together. It has never been a huge issue before but I suppose that’s a down side to it.