2020 Winds/Percussion AUDITION


For the audition process to be fair and equitable, everyone must understand the audition requirements and procedures. If you are new to the process, please take time to review the audition requirements, procedures, and current revisions as listed in the WHSAA Handbook, page 88.


General Information:

  • Both etudes were composed so that an entire ensemble or small groups can work at the same time (percussion separate).
  • Students play all scales by memory. No scale sheets or fingering charts permitted in the audition room.
  • Scales are played in the written key (no transposing). Play the octave(s) written on the Wyoming All-State Scale Sheets.
  • Pay close attention to all metronome markings. Only excerpts and scales performed between +/- 10 beats per minute will have the opportunity to receive full credit.
  • NO use of metronomes by students during the audition (even on silent).
  • Pay special attention to dynamics and articulation, as they are important deciding factors.
  • Students will have 30 seconds to review the sight-reading. They may play aloud during this time.
  • See Audition Materials below.


Order of Audition (see audition materials below):


  1. Identification (instrument, ID#)    
  2. First Etude
  3. Second Etude 
  4. Major Scale #1
  5. Major Scale #2
  6. Chromatic Scale
  7. Sight Reading



  1. Identification (instrument, ID#)
  2. Snare Etude
  3. Double Stroke Roll (note handbook for new information)
  4. Timpani Etude (demonstrate tuning on recording)
  5. Mallet Excerpt
  6. Major Scale #1
  7. Major Scale #2
  8. Chromatic Scale
  9. Sight Reading


Contact information:

  • Dan Holroyd – WMEA Band Vice President
  • East High School, 2800 E. Pershing, Cheyenne, WY 82001
  • dan.holroyd@laramie1.org
  • (307) 630-7090


The guest conductor of the All-State Band:

Travis J. Cross, who serves as professor of music at UCLA, where he conducts the Wind Ensemble, directs the graduate wind conducting program, and chairs the music department.


All-State Band Repertoire:

Undertow – by John Mackey 

Memento – by Travis J. Cross 

Inglesina (The Little English Girl) – by Davide Delle Cese/ed. John R. Bourgeois 

Variations on a Korean Folk Song – By John Barnes Chance



Audition Materials:

You have the option to download each instrument (scales and etudes), or Etudes ALL , Scales ALL, or ALL instrument Scales and Etudes.

Flute Bass Clarinet Trumpet Euphonium
Oboe Alto Saxophone French Horn(R) Tuba
Bassoon Tenor Saxophone Trombone Percussion
Bb Clarinet Baritone Saxophone Baritone T.C.  
      Scales ALL(R)
Etude #1  ALL        Etude #2 ALL Etude #1 and #2 – Scores Etudes and Scales ALL


NOTE: Students auditioning who have an interest or ability to play Piccolo, English Horn, or Bass Trombone must perform the additional chromatic scale as listed on the audition. At the end of the normal audition, the student will then add the extra scale for the second instrument. The student will have 30 seconds to warm-up on that instrument.










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