2020 Vocal AUDITION

For the audition process to be fair and equitable, everyone must understand the audition requirements and procedures. If you are new to the process, please take time to review the audition requirements, procedures, and current revisions as listed in the WHSAA handbookpage 88.


General Information:

  • Students are scored on a number of vocal and musical factors  with a maximum possible of 52 (see rubric).
  • Students may use their own music or copies provided on site.
  • Students have 30 seconds to prepare sight reading and may practice aloud during that time.
  • See Audition Materials below.


Audition Order (see complete audition materials below):

  1. Voice Part and Student ID#
  2. Scale 1 (low)
  3. Scale 2 (high)
  4. Chromatic Vocalise (1-3-5-8-7-5-4-2-1)
  5. Excerpt #1 
  6. Excerpt #2 
  7. Sight singing (samples included in packet)


Contact information:

  • Leah Hoblit – WMEA Choir Vice President
  • Buffalo High School
  • 29891 Old Highway 87, Buffalo, WY 82834
  • lhoblit@jcsd1.us
  • 307-250-1237


2020 All-State Choir Repertoire:

Gloria Fanfare – Jeffery Ames, Walton

Hanapchap Cusicuinin – Juan Perez Bocanegra, CPDL

Praise the Name of God With a Song – Allen Kopeke, Hal Leonard

Through Love to Light – Elaine Hagenberg 

Each Slow Dusk – Andrea Ramsey, musicspoke

Luk Luk Lumbu – Budi Susanto, Earthsongs


The guest conductor for the 2020 All-State Choir:

Ryan Beeken, Wichita State



Audition Materials:

2020 Vocal Audition Packet 









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