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January 19-21, 2020, Thunder Basin High School, Gillette

The Wyoming High School Activities Association and the Wyoming Music Educators Association are pleased to provide a high quality rehearsal and performance opportunity for students through All-State Honor Band, Orchestra, and Choir.



Schools should audition at the closest recording site regardless of district.

Schools should contact the site chairperson to let them know of their intent to audition at the site and to find out when the auditions will be held at that site. See “All-State Recording Sites” in grey boxes at right.



  1. To audition for All-State honor groups, students must:
      • be in grades 9-12 only.
      • apply through the appropriate school music teacher.
      • be enrolled in a school group corresponding to the All-State group for which they apply unless an appropriate group does not exist.
      • be a member school of WHSAA (including home schools).
      • audition for one group only.
      • be enrolled both at the time of application AND at the time of the All-State event.
      • meet WHSAA eligibility requirements for state events.
      • be chosen by live, recorded auditions.

     2. Audition Procedures and Instructions:

      • Audition applications and the materials will be available on the WMEA website on Monday, September 2. 
      • Registration closed Monday, October 21st, 11:59:59 PM. No registrations are accepted after the registration window closes.
      • School directors have been invoiced for registration fee.
      • Checks or PO’s payable to WYOMING MUSIC EDUCATORS ASSOCIATION.
      • Schools should make payment by credit card or provide proof of payment in advance, to WMEA, via the WMEA website. Payment or proof of payment must be made by October 31st.


        1. Payment or proof of payment are made through
        2. Fees must be paid by group or school (i.e. one payment for Rawlins Schools, or one payment for Sheridan Choir).
        3. Payment may be in the form of a school voucher, purchase order, money order, or credit card. Checks may be accepted in advance of the October 31st deadline. No cash or student checks.
        4. All registered applicant fees, including scratches, are paid in advance.


        1. Vice Presidents will make selections for the All-State Honor Groups and provide a detailed list to WHSAA.
        2. Directors will receive an informational email of their students on November 25th.
        3. The WHSAA will release the official roster for the honor ensembles on November 26th, via online posting at

     3. Audition Site Specific Information

      • Percussion students supply their own sticks and mallets, or their own instruments if they wish.
      • Each student must supply their own wind instruments, audition material, and anything else needed for the audition. Metronomes are not allowed.
      • All students must be recorded within the specified time span – any exceptions may be worked out with the site chairperson as long as the recording deadline is met.
      • Recording may not be paused once the audition has started.
      • It is the site chairperson’s responsibility to disqualify any student or school who violates the integrity of the audition process; this includes anydiscussion of scales, sight-reading material, excerpts, etc.
      • Directors may be in the audition room with their students as a silent observer. The director may record the audition to evaluate with the student at a later time.
      • The tempo should be given for the sight-reading only. Students may not use their own metronome.

     4. Audition Dates: 

      • Auditions may occur anytime from November 1st through November 9th.  (End of week 17 to the end of week 18 on the WHSAA calendar)  The site chair will determine exact audition dates.
      • Site Chairs may also provide an alternate date, during the audition window, for students with school activity related conflicts. Arrangements should be made in advance with the site chair.


TO AVOID CONFUSION PLEASE READ THE 2019/20 WHSAA HANDBOOK (pages 88-91) ON THE WHSAA WEBSITE (  The WMEA All-State Selection Procedures are outlined in this handbook along with all other district and statewide events.









Auxiliary Recourses:

All-State Honor Group Repertoire Archives

All-State Music Lending Library (LCSD#1)








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