Minutes May 6, 2017 DRAFT

WMEA Governing Board Meeting

May 6, 2017

WHSAA Office– Casper, WY


NOTE: New member orientation was completed on this date prior to the board meeting

Call to Order

President Brent Rose called the meeting to order at 10:00 am with the following members present: Brent Rose, President: Lila Kennah, President-Elect: Tanya Severson, Outgoing Secretary; Leesa Kuhlmann, Ingoing Secretary; Chad Rose, Past President: Jacie Schumacher, Outgoing Elementary VP; Amy Munsell, Incoming Elementary VP; Brian Redmond, Band VP; Ann Shatz, Incoming Choir VP: Jaylene Willhite , Incoming Orchestra VP; Kurt Sand, Secondary VP; Michale Jaycox, In-Ovations VP; Andrew Salzman, Incoming South Big Horn Basin District President/MIOSM Chair; Aemmalemalo Seui, Southeast District President; Jason Bennett, Northeast District President; Sharon Reetz, Southwest District President; Emily Painter (proxy for Troy Brown) North Platte District President; Willie Wright, North Big Horn Basin District President; Bethany Sagaert, Membership Chair; Karia Schofield, Marching Band Chair; Steve Schofield, Technology Chair; Dan Hill, Retired Chair; Sarah Hanson, Advocacy Chair; Wade French, Wyoming Jazz Educators Chair: Crystal Sieger, Teacher Education Chair & Collegiate Chair; Holly Dalrymple, Research Chair; Dean Lorimer, Music Industry Chair; Sandy Steele, Windsong Editor & Executive Director

Approval of Agenda

It was moved and seconded to accept the agenda. The motion carried.

Approval of Minutes

It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes of January 15, 2017. The motion carried.


  1. Reports were submitted by the President, President-Elect, Past President, Band VP, Elementary VP, Secondary VP, In-ovations VP, South Big Horn Basin District President, Southeast District President, Southwest District President, North Big Horn Basin President, Northeast District President, Advocacy Chair, Marching Band Chair, MIOSM Chair, Retirement Chair, Teacher Education & Collegiate Chair, Technology Chair, Wyoming Jazz Educators President, Music Industry Chair, Windsong Editor

Executive Director’s Report

  1. Financial Report

     Usable checking balance$ 18,478.54

     Scholarship Fund$   9,265.69

     Stipend Fund$ 16,038.18

     Certificates of Deposit$ 49,195.75

     Total account assets $ 74,499.62 Total accounts receivable $2,290.00

 It was moved and seconded to accept the Executive Director’s Report. The motion carried.

  1. Conference Financial Recap
    1. Discussed number of attendees. Gross Income was $51,392.00 and Total Expenses were $37,124.00
  1. Board Manuals
    1. Board members are encouraged to use the manual to answer questions about job descriptions or non-profit status issues.
    2. Forms were handed out to each Board member for WISP, Anti-trust, and conflict of interest. Training will be held after the meeting.
  1. Windsong
    1. There are no changes in rates at this time.
    2. Discussed future format of the magazine. It was moved and seconded to adopt a two-digital, single print distribution for the Windsong. Discussion ensued. Motion carried.

Old Business

  1. Annual Survey
    1. There were many positive comments about the sessions. Most people used the Sessions-at-a-glance brochure, The guidebook was used by some all the time, and others not at all.
    2. Discussion about the PTSB online signup followed.
  1. Conference/All-state Report for Evanston
    1. Discussed upcoming Conference/All-state in Evanston. Dunbar Best Western is the host hotel. The Banquet will be at the roundhouse again with the same catering service.
    2. A list of assigned duties has been received.
    3. Vice Presidents will get the audition cut scores to Sandy when selection process is over. The student cut scores will be sent to the directors along with the invoices.
  1. Changes to All-state Audition Dates, Results, and Rotation
    1. District presidents are instructed to inform members of the changes in All-state audition payment and deadline dates.
  1. WHSAA Update
    1. Any student who is participating in State Marching Band has to have a physical on file.
    2. Advocating your cause—The WHSAA said that Band, Choir and Orchestra events are sanctioned events. All-state Jazz Choir and All-state Jazz Bands are recognized on the Calendar well as in-state jazz festivals, so they are sanctioned.
  1. Scholarships & grants
    1. Discussion about membership participation and applications. It was moved and seconded that we extend the application deadline for the Kuhn/Parsons scholarship to be June 1, 2017 (one year only.) Motion carried.
  1. Marching Band Forms
    1. Marching band forms were shared with the board. It was moved and seconded to adopt the new marching band rubrics as approved by the marching band body. Motion carried.
  1. WHSAA/WMEA Adjudicator List
    1. The Past president has updated the list. It was moved and seconded to change the language in the policy 10.3.2 to strike annually and to replace with “at the Fall board meeting.” Motion carried.
    2. Presidents were encouraged to inform members to stay certified by filling out the online form.
  1. District Festival
    1. It was moved and seconded to add to section 10 of the by-laws, “The District Presidents will complete the district festival report by the spring board meeting.” Discussion ensued. Motion carried.
    2. Discussion took place about how collegiate instructors fit into the policy that you cannot hire anyone that lives in your district.
    3. Discussion about changing festivals to match abilities or changing the time of the year took place.
    4. A suggested repertoire list was offered and adding a sight reading component were also topics of discussion.
    5. An ad hoc festival committee was appointed by the President to bring suggestions to improve festivals. Members are Steve Schofield, Chad Rose, Jason Bennett, Ann Shatz, and Kurt Sand.
  1. District Clinic
    1. Discussion about what district clinics look like in each district took place.
    2. An ad hoc clinic committee was appointed by the President to bring suggestions to improve clinics: Members are Leesa Kuhlmann, Brent Rose, Steve Schofield, and Sharon Reetz.
  1. All-state Gala Concert Recording
    1. Soundwaves were very professional and we have not had complaints. We may have a problem using them in the future, however, because the National Federation of High schools has a contract with WHSAA for Marching Band.

New Business

  1. Session Fee Proposal
    1. It was moved and seconded to change the conference fees to reflect the Executive Board’s recommendation of $65 for active members pre-registration/$85 onsite; $195 for nonmembers pre-registration/$215 onsite; Guest (nonteaching spouse, bus driver, chaperone) $65, $30 collegiate pre-registration/$50 onsite.   First year and retired, fee waived. Motion carried.
  1. Conference Opening Night Concert
    1. It was moved and seconded that the opening night concert consist of an auditioned school ensemble and a headliner performance to be selected by a committee made up of Elementary V P, Band VP, Choir VP, Orchestra VP, secondary VP, and President. Discussion ensued. Motion carried.
    2. It was moved and seconded to augment the conference headliner clinician fees by $2500 each year as payment for a performance on the opening night concert. Discussion ensued. Motion carried.
    3. It was moved and seconded to transfer $3000 from reserves to active budget for the purpose of augmenting the budget of the opening night concert for 2018. Discussion ensued. Motion carried.
    4. It was moved and seconded to add to the policy: “In the event a successful applicant is not selected, the committee will solicit an appropriate performing ensemble by invitation.” Motion carried.
  1. Approval of 2018 Budget
    1. It was moved and seconded to accept the proposed budget. Motion carried.
  1. The internal audit
    1. The date will be decided by those member involved after the meeting.
  1. NAfME Collegiate Advocacy Summit and Hill Day
    1. It was moved and seconded to accept Nick Hoskins as the collegiate advocate to the summit. Motion carried.
  1. Sacred Banquet Traditions
    1. Discussion about how to handle complaints about singing sacred songs at the banquet took place. Brent will do more research and present something at the September meeting.

Other Items

  1. All-state time for college auditions
    1. There was a request to provide time during the All-state conference for colleges to audition students,   It was suggested to do this during the Monday night student banquet. Holly will present a proposal at the September meeting.
  1. Proposed Meeting schedule for next year
    1. September 9, 2017 @ 10:00 am—WHSAA Office in Casper
    2. January 14, 2018 @ 2:00 pm—Evanston HS
    3. May 5, 2018 @ 10:00 am—WHSAA Office in Casper


It was moved and seconded to adjourn and the meeting was adjourned at 2:19pm


Respectfully Submitted



Leesa Kuhlmann(s)

WMEA Secretary







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