Minutes May 2016


WMEA Executive Board Meeting Minutes 

May 14, 2016 

Casper, WY 

Call to Order 

President Brent Rose called the meeting to order at 9:29 a.m. with the following members present: Brent Rose, President; Lila Kennah, President-Elect; Tanya Severson, Secretary; Jacie Schumacher, Elementary Vice President; Brian Redmond, Band Vice President; Kurt Sand, Secondary Vice President; Weston Lamb, South Big Horn Basin District President; Aemalemalo Seui, Southeast District President; Willie Wright, North Big Horn District President; Sharon Reetz, Southwest District President; Shawn Weis, North Platte District President; Karia Schofield, Marching Band Chair; Andrew Salzman, MIOSM Chair; Steve Schofield, Technology Chair; Michael Jaycox, InOvations Chair; Dan Hill, Retirement Chair; Holly Dalrymple, Research Chair; Dean Lorimer, Industry Representative; Sandy Steele, Windsong Editor & Executive Director 

New Member Orientation 

a. New members completed the WMEA Board Leadership Orientation 

Approval of Agenda 

It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda. The motion carried. 

Approval of Minutes 

It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes. The motion carried. 

Board Member Information 

1. Reimbursement 

     a. Discussed the reimbursement policy for hotels. 

     b. It was moved and seconded to change the reimbursement        policy to reimburse hotel rooms at a maximum of $150.00. The motion carried. 

2. Appointed Positions 

     a. All board members introduced themselves. 

     b. Discussed the importance of communication between district presidents and their districts as well as communication between district presidents and the WMEA board. 

     c. Discussed the Windsong is an outstanding representation of music education in our state. 

3. WMEA Award Timeline 

     a. Discussed and made corrections to the timeline for submitting award packets for each district. 


1. Reports were submitted by the President, President-Elect, Past President, Band Vice-President, Orchestra Vice-President, Choir Vice-President, Elementary Vice-President, Secondary Vice-President, Innovations Chair, South Big Horn District President, Advocacy Chair, Marching Band Chair, MIOSM Chair, North Big Horn Basin President, 

North Platte District President, Northeast District President, Retirement Chairs, Southeast District President, Southwest District President, Teacher Education Chair, Wyoming Jazz Educators President, Technology Chair, Music Industry Chair, Windsong Editor 

2. Annual Survey 

     a. Discussed the survey results. 

     b. Discussed the high number of respondents for the online survey. 

     c. Discussed the All-State band audition excerpt rotation. 

Executive Director’s Report 

1. Financial Report 

     a. Discussed the Financial Report 

     b. It was moved and seconded to approve the Financial Report. The motion carried. 

2. WMEA Conference Financial Recap 

     a. Discussed the 15 Year Overview 

     b. Discussed preregistration will not go past December for the upcoming All-State Conference. 

     c. Discussed the 2016 All-State Conference Banquet 

3. WMEA Proposed Budget 2016-2017 

     a. Discussed the subscriptions budget. 

     b. It was moved and seconded to increase our subscription to Form Site Pro. The motion carried. 

     c. Discussed the Elementary and Secondary Clinician budget. 

     d. Discussed the End of the Year Cash Reserve 

             i. It was moved and seconded that the end of year cash reserve be applied to the Executive Director’s Fund in the amount of $6,000 with the balance to be determined after the close of the fiscal year. 

             ii. It was moved and seconded to approve the proposed budget. The motion carried. 

4. Discussed Reimbursements 

     a. All reimbursements must be sent in with a form and receipt. 

5. Conference Survey 

     a. Discussed the adjustments made to the WMEA logo by the Executive Director. 

     b. It was moved and seconded to allow the Executive Director to adjust the logo for presentation at the next meeting. 

6. Board Manual 

     a. Discussed some areas of the board manual will be rewritten. 

     b. All members are encouraged to read through the board manual. 

Old Business 

1. All-State Report Cody 2017 

     a. Discussed the site walk-through in August. 

2. Conference Survey 

     a. Discussed the results of the survey. 

3. Mission/Vision 

     a. Discussed and reviewed the proposed Strategic Plan. 

     b. It was moved and seconded to approve the Strategic Plan. Discussion followed. The motion carried. 

4. Policy Revisions 

     a. Discussed the policy revisions. 

     b. It was moved and seconded to approve the policy revisions. The motion carried. 

5. WMEA/UW Faculty Portrait 

     a. Discussed issues concerning the WMEA/UW Faculty Portraits. The Executive Director and the Research Chair will be in communication to find a solution to issues which have arisen in regard to the portraits. 

New Business 

1. NAfME – Executive Director 

     a. Discussed the former Executive Director of NAfME. 

2. NAfME Collegiate Advocacy Summit and Hill Day 

     a. The President, the Executive Director and the President-Elect will be attending Hill Day and the National Assembly in June. 

     b. Discussed the three applications for the Collegiate Representative. 

     c. It was moved to approve Courtney Casner as the Collegiate Representative to the Collegiate Summit at NAfME. 

3. Northwest Conference – February 16-19 in Bellevue, WA 

      a. Audition Change 

      b. Reading Sessions 

4. All-State Issues 

     a. Student Cost 

             i. Discussed the increase in student cost for the All-State Conference in Cheyenne. The goal for future conferences is to decrease the student cost. 

      b. Audition Issues 

            i. Discussed issues which have been communicated to the WMEA board about the All-State auditions. 

           ii. Discussed the Choir Vice President’s proposal to change the vocalise for All-State auditions. 

           iii. It was moved and seconded to accept the Choir Vice President’s recommendation that we align our vocalise with the All-Northwest vocalise for the coming year. 

5. JoyCo Video Update 

     a. Discussed not receiving the videos from state events from JoyCo. 

      b. Discussed copyright policies and issues in relation to taking video at state music events. 

6.  Conference Schedule 

      a. Student Schedule 

             i. Discussed student schedule complaints and possible solutions. 

     b. Banquet Protocol 

            i. Discussed banquet policy and protocol. 

7. WHSAA/WMEA Adjudicator List 

      a. Discussed the board will strive to maintain an accurate list of certified adjudicators in the state. The adjudication training is offered online and the certificate of completion must be sent to the Executive Director. 

      b. Discussed the importance of districts filling out the WMEA Festival Summary Report. Discussed some issues that have arisen with the Festival Summary Report on the WMEA website. The President and Executive Director will look into the issues and find a possible solution. 

8. WMEA Scholarships (new voting protocol) 

     a. Discussed the current scholarships. The President created a WMEA Scholarship committee consisting of the Past-President, Secretary, Research Chair and MIOSM Chair to review and explore different possibilities for the scholarships. The proposal will be due at the September meeting. 

9.  All-State Rotation (Rock Springs, Casper) 

     a. Discussed the addition of Rock Springs and Casper being added back into the All-State rotation. 

     b. The WMEA board will need a letter of interest from the school superintendent stating that Rock Springs would like to host the All-State Conference before an official decision is made. The President will put together a proposal on behalf of Casper to bring before the WMEA board. 

Other Items 

1. Proposed Meeting Schedule for Next Year 

     a. August All-State Site Walk-through at Cody HS 

     b. September 10th 

            i. All board members must review the Awards packets 

     c. January 15th @ 2:00 p.m. @ Cody High School 

     d. May 13th @ WHSAA Office in Casper, Wyoming 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. 

            i. Discussed scheduling conflicts and possible solutions for the May board meeting next year. 

           ii. The board decided to keep the meeting date for the May meeting. 


It was moved and seconded to adjourn and the meeting was adjourned at 2:29 p.m. 

Respectfully Submitted, 

Tanya Severson 

WMEA Secretary