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20 ballots cast – 72 high schools in Wyoming. If each school cast only one vote, less than 28% of Wyoming’s effected high schools were represented. I will be bringing forward a proposal to ensure that a larger portion of the effected schools are represented in similar discussions moving forward. This is some good that can come from this conversation.

There are currently comments on here from teachers at 7 Wyoming High Schools. Call your friends and encourage them to make their opinion known about scales for the All-State Band. Two of the high schools in this discussion have directors who must represent their membership without the impact of their own opinion (Brian at Rock Springs – Band VP, Brent at KW – WMEA President).

Now would also be a great time to remind people that we will be seeking candidates in January for WMEA President. It is a wonderful opportunity to put your great ideas and leadership philosophy to use! We look forward to your service to our organization.