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I agree with Chad- back to the topic of All-State scales.

I am definitely not speaking for everyone, but maybe this resonates with others as well. I feel frustrated with the fact that the band directors who showed up to the meeting in Jan have already discussed this topic, that being the scale portion of the All-State audition. We discussed, and hashed out and went back and forth and came to a decision that we felt was best for our state at this time. If we are going to follow this practice- that we need “all” or even most of the directors in the state to be present at meetings where decisions are made- nothing will ever get done! For example, decisions with regard to jazz are made during the summer WJE meeting and the all state meeting but not every director with a jazz program is present. But we still make changes. Again, those who show up, are those who will have a voice. There is no way to account for everyone.