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I would like to play Devil’s Advocate to Chad’s points.

1. The term “ALL” is impossible to obtain. Some teacher’s schools don’t allow them to come to all state. Some teachers “chose” not to attend that meeting. You can not tell me that when the choir teachers or orchestra teachers have gotten together and discussed all state materials and made a proposal that “ALL” voices were heard.
2. I am the main reason that we are using the current all state etudes. This came with a lot of hard work and research. I studied many other state all state materials. I also tried to find ways to better utilize the students time. I know that out side of class there is less and less from students. I would also like to point out that the Wind Symphony auditions for All Northwest are now also using this same concept. You can also not prevent ALL students from cramming anything for the audition.
3. Depth is a huge problem. This year the percussion section was not good. When i did the sectional monday morning there were students that could not play their parts and a couple that switched parts that morning. I believe that we are walking a fine line with the auditions because we all have students that are deserving of being in all state that do not audition.
4. agreee
5. Are you serious? jk
6. I’m with you lets get rid of the scales and keep the chromatic.