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My students in every grade level (I don’t attempt with kinder until after Christmas), even sixth graders LOVE playing Night at the Museum. I introduce it around Halloween time and use it as an incentive activity, or for when I have a sub! You will need the song “Alone (Seuls)” from The Chorus (Les Choristes) by Bruno Coulais. You can find it on iTunes. Here are the rules:

Choose one student to be the “janitor.” That student is given one scarf. All of the other students are “statues” and are frozen in their own open space. Sometimes we pick a theme (like Halloween characters), and sometimes they choose their own statue. During the A section of music, the statues are “dusted” with the scarf by the “janitor.” Then during the B section, the “janitor” “falls asleep”, or closes their eyes, and the statues move throughout the room. The teacher chooses a statue while moving. That student is the only student that is allowed to move statue positions Then, when the C section in the music comes, the statues must find their original position except for the chosen student and the “janitor” guesses which student moved. The chosen student is the new leader and the game begins again.