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In Cowley at Rocky Mountain Middle & High School:

1st Hour – 6th Grade Band Split into Woodwinds=Tuesday/Thursday & Brass=MWF. On their off days they go into choir with the other teacher
2nd Hour – Guitar on stage while 7th and 8th grade choir is in the band room.
3rd Hour – Homeroom (I can have sectionals on Thursdays and Fridays, Percussion Ensemble on Mondays and Tuesdays, and/or Jazz Band during this time)
4th Hour – High School Band
5th Hour – 7th/8th Grade Band
6th Hour – Prep
7th Hour – High School Choir A
8th Hour – High School Choir B

Pros: I have 8 periods a day which allows more students to participate in music classes. Homeroom is great so I can meet with certain sections specifically. With the woodwind and brass split for 6th grade, it allows me to really teach the details of fundamentals from the very beginning.

Cons: Homeroom is sometimes used for assemblies and other homeroom activities, so I often have to give up class time for Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Band, and sectionals so they can have homeroom time. Guitar and Percussion Ensemble need to be switched around to where I see the percussion students every day and the guitar students only 2 – 3 days a week. Right now, it’s backwards and is not helping my program. Even with an 8 period day, the Hathaway scholarship takes my students away from my program as they progress through high school resulting in a smaller program at the high school level.