2021 Vocal AUDITION


For the audition process to be fair and equitable, everyone must understand the audition requirements and procedures. If you are new to the process, please take time to review ALL of the audition requirements, procedures, and current revisions.


General Information:

  • Students are scored on a number of vocal and musical factors  with a maximum possible of 50 (see rubric).
  • Students may use their own music or copies provided by their teacher.
  • The use of a metronome is not permitted.
  • See Audition Materials below.


Audition Order (see complete audition materials below):

  1. Scale 1 (low)
  2. Scale 2 (high)
  3. Vocalise (1-3-5-8-7-5-4-2-1)
  4. Excerpt #1 
  5. Excerpt #2 


Contact information:

  • Leah Hoblit – WMEA Choir Vice President
  • Buffalo High School
  • 29891 Old Highway 87, Buffalo, WY 82834
  • lhoblit@jcsd1.us
  • 307-250-1237


2021 All-State Choir Repertoire:

  • Sanakam Saskanam by Eriks Esenvalds
  • Veni Sancte Spiritus W.A. Mozart
  • I Will Be Earth by Gwyneth Walker
  • Your Soul Is Song by Jake Runestad
  • Vindo by Reinis Sejans
  • I Shall Wear a Crown by Whitfield, arr. Trey McLaughlin
  • Kwela  Traditional Sotho and Zulu Songs, arr. University of Pretoria Youth choir


The guest conductor for the 2021 All-State Choir:

Dr. Angela Kasper, Western Washington University



Audition Materials:

2021 Vocal Audition Packet – Revised









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