2019 Strings AUDITION

For the audition process to be fair and equitable, everyone must understand the audition requirements and procedures. If you are new to the process, please take time to review the audition requirements, procedures, and current revisions as listed in the WHSAA handbookpage 87.


General Information:

  • Students should tune their instruments outside the audition room prior to the audition.
  • Scoring is based on accuracy of pitch, rhythm, tone quality, articulation and musicality (see scoring rubric).
  • Student use of metronomes is not permitted.
  • Students may play their instruments during the 30 sec. sight reading preparation time.


Order of audition:

  1. Identification (instrument, Student #)
  2. First Scale
  3. Second Scale
  4. First Excerpt
  5. Second Excerpt
  6. Sight Reading


Contact information:

  • Jaylene Willhite – WMEA Orchestra Vice President
  • South High School
  • 1213 W. Allison Rd, Cheyenne, WY 82007
  • Jaylene.willhite@laramie1.org
  • 307-631-8556


The Guest Conductor for the 2019 All-State Orchestra will be Dr. Thomas Taylor Dickey. Dr. Dickey is the Director of Orchestral studies and Assistant Professor of Music at Oklahoma State University.  He conducts the Oklahoma State University Symphony Orchestra.  



Audition Materials: 

Click on Instrument name for scales and excerpts:

Violin Viola Cello Bass Harp