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January 14-16, 2018 – Evanston, Wyoming

The Wyoming High School Activities Association and the Wyoming Music Educators Association are pleased to provide a high quality rehearsal and performance opportunity for students through All-State Honor Band, Orchestra and Choir.


2018 All-State Audition Information

Please note the important changes to the All-State Audition procedures as outlined in detail below the audition information. 


FIRST: Download and read the WHSAA AUDITION INFORMATION LETTER which includes the student registration link.


SECOND: Access the Band, Orchestra, or Choir AUDITION MATERIALS as appropriate for the applicant(s) (see gray navigation boxes to right or below).


THIRD: Use the REGISTRATION LINK provided in the WHSAA letter to register each student. 

  • Be prepared to select a recording site (see letter).
  • Take care with spelling and case usage (e.g. First Last).
  • A unique email is required for each registrant. This allows the student to verify their audition online (email addresses are not used to correspond with the student and if forgotten cannot be retrieved).
  • Once a student is entered, they may not be removed, and the fee is attached to that student entry.
  • Directors should not register themselves or create “trial” registrations.



  • Schools are invoiced, via email, sent to the music director(s).
  • Confirm audition dates with your site chair.
  • Make payment by October 26th via this website and page (gray navigation boxes to the right or below).
  • Schools are billed for all registered students.
  • Student auditions without proof of payment will not be considered for selection to an All-State Honor Group.
  • Payment may be in the form of a Credit Card, Purchase Order, or Voucher. No payments made onsite.



  • The student eligibility form will be available once the ensemble rosters are posted (select link from the gray navigation boxes to the right or below).
  • The form is due December 15, 2017.


Important Changes to the All-State Audition procedures (approved by the WMEA Board, January 15, 2017)

  • Monday of Week 10 (9/4/17) Audition Materials post to the WMEA website and student registration is open (no change)
  • Monday of Week 15 (10/9/17) Site chairs download lists and send notice and reminder to teachers (one week later than previous policy)
  • Monday of Week 16 (10/16/17) Student Registration CLOSES (change – one week later than previous policy and there is NO late registration)
  • Friday of Week 17 to Saturday of Week 18 (10/27-11/4, 2017) Audition Window (no change)
  • Wednesday of Week 16 (10/18/17) Invoices sent to schools via director email (no change)
  • Thursday of Week 17 (10/26/17) Proof of payment required. Directors will provide proof of payment through the WMEA website via CC (Paypal link), PO/Voucher/Requisition (formsite upload). You may pay by check, sent directly to the WMEA office, but proof must be provided prior to auditions. No payments on site. (change from previous policy)







Auxiliary Recourses:

Recording Site Manual

All-State Honor Group Repertoire Archives

All-State Music Lending Library (LCSD#1)








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